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Have you ever played the roulette wheel, put your money on a number and then stress and worrying that you will loose all your money? Do you just rush into doing business, like with your home business or brick and mortar business, throwing advertising dollars out there and then worrying and stressing and wondering if it will work? Playing the roulette wheel and playing in your business to win are very similar. If you figure out exactly how much money you want to spend, work out all the numbers, what the odds are, then all that worry is over as far as spending money goes. Then you can just relax and let the wheel do what it does best, bring you the results you want.
There are thousands of people that have failed at thousands of business. One of the reasons is they just jump in with both feet before checking it out thoroughly. They take risks before they get their facts together. They get this pie in the sky feeling when they hear how much money they can make and go for it. Just like betting on the roulette wheel, they see someone else hitting it big, think they can do it, and before they know it there goes all their money.
With the roulette wheel you need to see just how many people have won, how much money they have played in order to win big like they have. With a business, like your home business or brick and mortar business, you need to check out your competition. Find out what works best in the advertising world today. Is it offline, newspapers, classifieds, bulletin boards, knocking on doors or cold calling. Is it online, using social media, article marketing, video marketing, blogging, press releases or pay per click advertising.
It is OK to be spontaneous when it comes to taking a short trip or doing something that is just fun, or out of the ordinary. But when it comes to spending money on your business, take some time on searching out the right place to put your money. Figure out what your return on investment will be, work out all the numbers. Do not treat your business like you would a roulette wheel. The worry and stress will be to much and you will wind up being one of the thousands of businesses that fail.
You need to become aware of your present moment, stop, look and listen. You need to stop and think about what your doing, or about to do. Being aware of what is happening right now and responding to what is happening right now will stop a lot of future stress. Pay close attention to where your advertising money is going in your home business or brick and mortar business, just like you should pay close attention when you watch what color and number come up on the roulette wheel.

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